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Pantyhose hook up

You don’t belong there, so often you scare them away.

Roberto told me there was this one spot where there’s always tiger sharks.

We’d have to agree (especially when it’s all catch and release! Here, Young curates his top five shark catches from the show, from using pantyhose as bait to coming face to face with a 14-foot shark.

“Probably the scariest shark catch for me was in the premiere episode of Season 1, catching a [lemon] shark from a paddle board.

The dynamic professional wrestler became a pseudo-scientist of the sea when Animal Planet contacted him about doing a show that would combine his love of adrenaline with his favorite pastime: fishing.

“When I got into pro wrestling, it took all my time and all my money—I was busy buying spandex pants and tall boots with all my money, rather than fishing rods.

It’s like a fish sausage basically, so all the oil and all the blood is coming out of this thing.

You can make it as big or as small as you want, and the bigger the bait, the bigger the sharks. When we first got there, I laughed at the idea, but it works! We caught a 7-foot nurse shark that day—it was massive.

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It’s an amazing process, you don’t see them—then all of a sudden there’s one, there’s another one, there’s another one—they flock toward the blood.” “In the second episode, we used women’s pantyhose to catch sharks.

You cut the fish up and you stuff it down into the pantyhose and tie it off.

I have good balance, but it was basically the first time I had ever been on a paddle board.

With most of this stuff, it’s very extreme and fringe.

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