Parents view on teenage dating

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According to Planned Parenthood, about 10 percent of teenage girls in the U. Let them talk privately with their doctor so they can get what they need to take care of themselves.

Encourage them to come to you with any question or conflict.

All we can do is try to strike up conversations that may give us some clues over time. Younger teens may "go out" (meaning: explore the idea of being a "couple") and break up and never even have a face-to-face conversation.He’s so cute and would look great in that red polo shirt, but, you know, he’s really into music also. Somehow you’ve just been placed in the middle of the whole mess! In fact, many of our grandparents were married quite young and began their own families in their latter teenage years.But nowadays it seems like even little kids are having crushes on both peers and celebrities, and tweens and teens are more actively engaged in the “hunt” for a partner.Teens also learn how to be both assertive and compromising, how to be giving to another and how to expect the same in return. Show them how you compromise, stick up for yourself, give and expect respect and argue but love your spouse. Tell girls that they do not need to have sex to keep a guy. Many kids are having these forms of sex because they tell themselves it’s not really sex. Then tell them about contraception and sexually transmitted diseases.All of this is a sort of practice session in order to find “Mr.” or “Miss Right.” Unfortunately, too often teens start dating with no preparatory talks from their parents and then they can get into trouble. You hope they will wait to have sex, but if they don’t, it’s best that they protect themselves.

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And his birthday is just around the corner and she’s babbling on about whether to buy him a shirt or a CD.

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