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Politiction l dating comment ning site com

A lawyer, politician, planter, businessman, Civil War colonel, railroad financier, and finally a best-selling writer (of the novel The White Rose of Memphis), the Old Colonel, even in death, loomed as a larger-than-life model of personal and professional success for his male descendants.

His brief service in the RAF would also serve him in his written fiction, particularly in his first published novel, Soldiers’ Pay, in 1926.

She lightheartedly accepted, apparently believing his request insincere since he was going to Hawaii to establish a law practice.

When he sent her an engagement ring several months later, however, her parents thought Franklin would be a fine husband for their daughter, and she found herself unable to escape the circumstances.

She and Franklin were married in Oxford on April 18, 1918.

William’s other close acquaintance from this period arose from their mutual interest in poetry.

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In August, his first published poem, “ L’ Apres-Midi d’un Faune” [sic], appeared in The New Republic.