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They discuss the game with us before the game, during the game and after the game. That means that the announcer gives us background information about the game, teams, players, and coaches. Place students in 6 groups and have each group record or role play a "pre-reading show" for the new book, just as sports casters broadcast a pre-game show. "Microphones" can be made quickly from rolling paper into tubes. Allow students to score each TV crew as they present.

This information can be used to make predictions about the outcome of the game. Independent Practice Have students think of a younger child that they will spend time with this week.

Archaeologists deal in millions, thousands or, with luck, a few hundred.

Carbon dating has been the preferred technique since about 1950.

Sports casters help us understand the game by discussing it. Can we describe the style of the author/illustrator? Guided practice Give students the opportunity to practice writing and discussing some "before" reading questions for a new story. If time permits, allow students to make larger visual aids to display during the discussion.

As Tom Higham explains, this problem is being tackled by new pre-treatment techniques and is being applied to already existing Neanderthal bones in museums, with improved accuracy from the new techniques raising interesting new questions about human pre-history.

Robyn Williams: Astronomers deal in billions of years.

As the radioactive isotope already in the environment is constantly declining as it decays, the technique works best and with most accuracy at times of high production of the isotope.

And this is determined by incoming cosmic rays from the sun.

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During the game, the announcers provide play-by-play coverage. Have them think of a book that they can read to the child.

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