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I am fond of reading very much and sometimes a good movie can make me very happy too. I dream to have a garden some day or at least a little flower-bedding for Holland tulips. I am a person who values friendship and relationships very much and I can do everything for people I love, I can give them my heart and my soul and even life. I am very sociable, kind and gentle lady who knows how to make people happy and how to brighten their day.RUS/RUSSIA/FORMER SOVIET UNION Table of Contents for Russia ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Serdyukov Said To Be Rapidly Reducing, Demilitarizing the Armed Forces Article by Artem Ivanovskiy: "Serdyukov's Blitzkrieg in Action: Russian Armed Forces Are Being Swiftly Reduced and 'Demilitarized'" 2) Customs Union Formation To Be Completed In Astana July 5 3) Belarus turns oil pipelines, major exporter into joint-stock companies 4) Belarussian President Suggests Joint Steps To Lithuania 5) Belarus Not To Wage Economic War With Russia, But Seeks Alternative Sources 6) Belarus To Remove All Barriers Hindering Chinese Investments 7) Polish presidential candidates discuss Belarus, Russia, Afghanistan in TV debate 8) Russia-Belarus Relations Need 'Radical Review' editorial: "Intolerable Union" (On line) 9) Interfax Russia & CIS Presidential Bulletin Report for 28 Jun 10 "INTERFAX Presidential Bulletin" -- Interfax Round-up 10) Polish presidential candidates discuss Belarus, Russia, Afghanistan in TV debate Corrected version: fixing technical glitch - 11) Belarus, Russia Can Sign Additional Agt To Gas Transit Contract 12) Belarus Ready To Cooperate With Lithuania, Iran In Energy 13) Russian Armed Forces To Begin Large Scale Exercises Vostok-2010 14) Russia's Gazprom executives cancel visit to Belarus 15) Belarusian president tells government to seek alternative fuel sources, routes 16) Russia Plans To Finalize CIS Free Trade Zone Deal Before Yearend 17) Agreement in principle has been reached on addendum to 18) CIS Economic Court rejects Minsk's request for temporary ban 19) Putin, Gazprom CEO discuss gas row with 20) Itar-Tass New Outlook For Monday, June 28 21) Transneft has not received official notification of possible 22) Tennis star Maria Sharapova to visit Homyel 23) Belarus, China To Consider Realization Of Joint Eco Projects 24) Belarus Awaits Gazprom Delegation For Gas Negotiations 25) DPRK's KCNA Lists 29 Jun Rodong Sinmun Articles Attaching the vernacular full-text of the Rodong Sinmun list of articles for the corresponding date -- as available from the KCNA in Korean feed -- in PDF format.; Original KCNA headline: "Press Review" 26) Xinhua 'Roundup': New UK Gov't Re-Focuses Foreign Policy Xinhua "Roundup": "New UK Gov't Re-Focuses Foreign Policy" 27) Import of Including Doku Umarov on US International Terrorist List Eyed Article by Sergey Markedonov, head of the Department of Problems of International Relations of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, under the rubric "Commentary": "The Internationally Recognized Terrorist" 28) G8 Leaders Not 'Superoptimistic' About Mideast, N.

I am a calm, gentle and kind person with a good sense of humor. Korea Escape From Isolation: Strauss-kahn" 102) Russia's 1St Industrial Forum Expo-Russia Kazakhstan-2010 Opens In Almaty 103) Kazakhstan's Economy To Grow By 150% By 2020 - Nazarbayev 104) New Russian Spaceport To Be Used For Piloted Interplanetary Flights 105) Assad Welcomes Brazilian Involvement in Middle East "Assad Welcomes Brazilian Involvement in Middle East" -- NOW Lebanon Headline 106) Drunk Passengers Removed From Aeroflot Plane In Iceland Released 107) Pro-Kremlin youth movement pickets Moldovan embassy in Moscow 108) Decree On Soviet Occupation Goes To Constitutional Court 109) 28/6 Tass 19 .Moldovan Coalition Might Revoke Decree On' Soviet Occupation.'' 110) Transcript of Lavrov's Remarks at Meeting With Mauritanian Counterpart 111) Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Holds Talks with Mauritanian Counterpart 112) ROK Editorial Says 'Ultimate' Guarantee for ROK Defense Lies in US-ROK Defense Treaty Editorial: "OPCON Turnover" 113) Russian oil giant accepts Dutch court ruling to pay off Yukos shareholders 114) Duma Commission To Discuss Petrol Prices, Utility Rates 115) Vostok Strategic Exercises Begin In Siberia And Far East.I adore traveling and I have seen a lot in my life and I hope I have also many things to see and learn in future.My man has to be an attentive and caring person not only for me but also for other people I love.

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116) Putin To Chair Meeting On Agro Budget Spending For '11-'13 117) Poli ce releases all those detained at Moscow protest - organizer 118) FBI Arrests 10 Alleged Russian Spies Across US East Coast "US cracks 'deep-cover' Russia spy mission, arrests 10" -- AFP headline 119) Medvedev To Present Budget Message To Government 120) Soyuz Spaceship Successfully Transfers To New ISS Module 121) ISS Cosmonauts Begin Soyuz Re-docking 122) Russian Audit Chamber uncovers misappropriation of Vancouver Olympic funds 123) Russian Army To Get New Electronic Warfare Means From 2013 124) Army recruits in Russian Urals said to be taking drugs to dodge the draft 125) Putin Conducts Meeting on Supplying Latest Small Arms to Army in Izhevsk Article by Yuriy Avdeyev: "Dialogs at Izhevsk" (This translation provided to OSC by another government agency.) 126) Text of Decree on Science, Technology Prizes for 2009 127) Medvedev stresses importance of financial support for officers 128) Duma To Consider Presidential Draft Laws On Skolkovo High-tech Centre 129) Siberian Military District Completes Preparations for Vostok-2010 Report by Yekaterina Dementyeva: "Siberia Has Prepared for Military Exercise Vostok-2010" 130) Soyuz Re-docking Postponed For First Time In ISS History 131) Police Detain About 30 People For Attempted Unauthorised Rally 132) Russian State Armaments Program for 2011-2020 Examined Article by Andrey Frolov: "Russian State Armaments Program for the Period 2011-2020" 133) Russian academics launch powerful new supercomputer 134) Putin Officialdom Said Stifling Efforts To Replicate Silicon Valley in Skolkovo Article by Aleksandr Golts: On the Question of Cultivating Corn in Skolkovo 135) Clumsiness, Failure of Kremlin PR Projects Blamed on Surkov Report by Andrey Polunin with interview of Stanislav Belkovskiy, president of the Institute of National Strategy, time and place not indicated: "Creative Work Lower than the Plinth" 136) Russia to expand energy cooperation with UAE - minister 137) Head of Russia's Ingushetia said he expected rebels to become more active 138) Russian general outlines plans for Vostok-2010 drill 139) Medvedev Pleased By How Army Officers Provided With Housing 140) Russia To Overall Interior Ministry, Rearm Army 141) Russian Foreign Minister Meets UAE Counterpart Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov Meets with Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emira tes Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan 879- 142) Russian Statement on US Human Trafficking Report Russian MFA Press and Information Department Comments on the Publication of the US State Department Report on Human Trafficking in the World in 2009 881- 143) Creation Of Rostelecom-based National Operator Nears Completion 144) Russian Defense Industry 2009 Revenues Reached Record High But Output Was Flat RIA Novosti report: "In 2009 Russian Defense Industry Complex Enterprises Increased Earnings by 30% -- to a Record 545 Billion Rubles" 145) Russia's Official Unemployment Rate Decreases By 1u % Over 146) Russian President, Premier Discuss Social And Economic Situation 147) Medvedev Makes 'Most Definite' Statement Yet on 2012 Election Plans Article by Mariya Tsvetkova and Natalya Kostenko: "Medvedev's Cond ition" 148) Rus Hydro Plans To Participate In Ukraine's Hydropower Projects - Sechin 149) Moscow police disperse Day of Wrath rally, detained activist complains of abuse 150) Russian President To Present Budget to Federal Council 29 June 151) Dalsvyaz Joins Rostelecom As Part Of Svyazinvest Reorganisation 152) ALROSA Plans To Double Net Profit To RUB 6 Bln In 2010 153) Gazprom To Invest RUB 1 Bln Annually In Production Of 154) Vostok-2010 Exercise With Innovations Begins in Russian Far East [Report by Vladimir Mukhin: "They Will Check Armed Forces Reform With Maneuvers: Anatoliy Serdyukov's Innovations Were Criticized Once Again by Experts and the Public" 155) Student Sport Vital For High Performance Sport - Putin (Adds) 156) US Keeps Russia On Human Traf ficking Black List On Purpose -FM 157) Missile and space troops to take part in Vostok-2010 exercise 158) Russian police to halt unauthorized 'Day of Wrath' protest in Moscow 159) Russia's FSB Publishes Edict on Payments for Anti-Terrorist Informers Article by Andrey Polunin: "FSB Introduces Price for Anti-Terror -- Secret Services Intend to Pay Citizens for Information about Terrorists and Acts of Terrorism" 160) Cash Collectors Robbed Of More Than 130 Million Roubles 161) Putin sees 'no alternative' to merging Russian, Ukrainian aviation industries 162) Column Views Nuclear Swap Deal With Iran, Russian Role in US-Turkey Rift Commentary by Kadri Gursel: "Iran Notes-2" 163) Business Cooperation Of Islamic World With Russia To Strengthen 164) Application Of Govt Purchas es Law Exposes Serious Drawbacks 165) Poll shows significant improvement in Russians' attitude towards USA 166) Putin Calls For Support To Russian Paralympic Athletes 167) Putin Says Scientific, Educational Clusters To Facilitate Student Sport 168) Russia To Send New Group Of Ships To Gulf Of Aden 169) Russia sends Ukraine draft agreement on oil transit - deputy premier 170) Russia's Putin upbeat on economic relations with Ukraine, notes trade growth 171) Student Sport Vital For High Performance Sport -- Putin 172) Oil Transit Draft Agreement Handed Over To Ukraine 173) Russian APC fails to negotiate obstacle during show run in build up to arms fair 174) Opinions differ on possible outcome of Yukos trial in Russia 175) Akatsia -E CI3 System To Be Displayed At Engin Tech-2010 Forum 176) Russian Condemns New US Government Report on Human Trafficking 177) Russian oil major elects founder as president 178) Russian-Ukrainian Relations Change Drastically - Putin 179) RF, Ukraine To Put Energy Systems In Parallel Mode, Cooperate In Emergencies 180) Putin Says Aircraft Merger With Ukraine Possible On Commercial Basis 181) Russia Hands Over Oil Transit Draft Agreement to Ukraine 182) No Israeli Drones In Russian Armed Forces So Far 183) Iran Does Not Consider Lowering Level Of Relations With Russia 184) More Than 100 Million Stolen After Sunday's Attack On Cash Collectors 185) Vostok 2010 To Test Fifth-generation Radio Systems, New Soldier Uniforms 186) Clima te Change Impacting on Economy, but Poll Shows Most Russians in Denial Editorial: "Caution: Heat" 187) Russian Society Against Bill Giving FSB More Powers 188) Creation of financial centre in Russia may help its modernization - deputy PM 189) Defense Ministry Schools To Launch Sergeant Training Programs 190) Gen.