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Roman dating app cheat codes

Each 30 pots of gold that you collect unlocks one secret level. Hit the rainbow colored blocks any time that you see them.

The rainbow blocks are far more likely to contain valuable goods, such as extra lives or extra hit points.

Then, have your cavalry cut the enemy's retreat and attack their flanks.

Use a text editor to edit the "preferences.txt" file in the game folder.Stand off When you are outnumbered, have low forces, and know that you will lose, get a good stand off position by gathering all of your remaining forces, and go to a hill or the highest position if possible. Then, gather your forces and put all archers in the very back, all medium to close ranged missile weapons in middle, and all of your spearmen in the front with the legionnaires, swordsmen, etc. If you have elephants or horses, put them javelins.Then, with the spearmen formation, you can either wait for the enemy to hit the spearmen then charge with horses.It is here that you will enter the cheat code for the desired effect.All cheat codes are case-sensitive and should be entered exactly as shown below.

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Crystals can often be found in the bonus blocks that pop up onstage every once in a while, as can large amounts of coins.