Rules dating 2 women gay dating groups

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Rules dating 2 women

Don't tell a girl you've "never met anybody like her" if you'd still like to meet a bunch of people like her and get blowjobs from them.And if you've got the kind of girl who reeeeeally isn't looking for exclusivity, she doesn't want you barfing your gross emotion germs all over her. Done responsibly, dating a lot of women is no longer considered outré.So be upfront, be honest, and articulate exactly what it is you're looking for and what you want.This is the easiest way to avoid drama and find someone who's looking for the same relationship you are.Enjoy the fact that, today, women are cooler than ever, because we are too busy stealing your screenwriting jobs, hoing around, and frittering away our fertile years to needle you for diamonds.There seems to be an ever-increasing proclivity for Gen-Yers to date more than one person at a time.

Going out with somebody else the next day would therefore be cheating, a cruel thing to do to your boyfriend on the all-important 24-hour anniversary.

Talking about what you're looking for at the onset of a hookup can stave off a huge blow up later.

Inevitably, every one of these juggling acts comes to an end, and eventually, you're going to drop one of your balls if not both (pun intended).

Unfortunately, this leads to some serious headaches when one person within these pseudo relationships catches feelings. How do you decide when or who to choose between two people, and how do you avoid a potential disaster?

Here are some tips and thoughts I have on how to handle the juggling act of the casual dating scene and bypassing your likelihood of getting hurt. But just because we fall within an age group of people just looking to have fun, doesn't mean we need to treat people poorly. Take the time to articulate what it is you're looking for from the beginning and avoid having a Hiroshima level blow up down the road.

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But from experience, if you don't put up or shut up, it's likely that you're going to lose one, if not both, of the people you're seeing.