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San andreas dating katie

You can go out for a date with these ladies, sometimes you can go out for a meal or you can dance the night away.For each successful date you will get a reward: extra progress.Now you'll know if your girlfriend has a nice time or not depending on the music and her attitude.Most people think this is the worst kind of date of the three. You've to do it the same way as you did in the mission Life's a Beach at the beach party.A hint for the ladies who want to drive leisurely: drive your car in reverse, this will result in the speed she likes almost every time!Katie Zhan is a character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.The speed is different, some of them want to drive very fast and reckless, others wants to drive leisurely.When you drive in the wrong neighbourhood, your girlfriend will tell you.

*** PART II OF II ***This is a video demonstration of a dating mission with Katie Zhan, one of six girlfriends that Carl Johnson dates in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

She is fascinated by automobile accidents and is easily aroused by reckless driving as evidenced by her apparent ecstasy each time CJ performs a jump inside a vehicle or crashes into something. She can initially be found at the northeast corner of Avispa Country Club at the south end of the city, practicing martial arts behind some bushes. Katie likes men with sex appeal and muscle, so bulk up before asking her out.

Katie lives in the Juniper Hollow district of San Fierro, at the northwest corner of the city, just southeast of the Gant Bridge.

The first part is where Katie and CJ go out dancing; the second part is where Katie and CJ have coffee (that, and CJ goes scoping out all the honies and pimping them like the sex God he is).

So, if you want to disable or uninstall the hot coffee scenes, then go ahead and apply this patch.

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For a successful date it's necessary you go to the right spot.

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