Sas variable updating

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Therefore updating Metadata with proc METALIB must be done with the same value of VALIDVARNAME that was used first for reading DBMS tables column names with SAS/ACCESS.

the function "iprint" to update the value of i each time is it called, e.g.

However you are correct that one need not do this in this context.

How do I read dates into a SAS data set from a data file having two columns for years, two columns for the month, and two columns for the date--all adjacent to one another?For detailed information about Proc METALIB , see SAS Language Interface to Metadata and SAS Intelligence Platform: Data Administration Guide.Here is an example to assess potential metadata changes between the above “Oracle XE Library” and Oracle XE tables or views using proc METALIB in combination with ODS OUTPUT: ods listing close; /*SAS output is the default, this will suppress the SAS output*/ ods html “myfile”; proc METALIB ; omr (libid=AZ0000RZ REPid= A5VJ4C3K ); Report ; noexec ; run; ods html close; ods listing; The NOEXEC statement tells the procedure not to actually add, update, or delete any metadata.If the Metadata was imported first from Oracle to SAS using SAS DI (where option VALIDVARNAME=V7) Metadata were created and saved according to the above rules, as VALIDVARNAME=ANY in Enterprise Guide, executing proc METALIB from SAS Enterprise Guide for the above example will show that columns with É character like TÉLÉPHONE are added and columns with _ character like T_L_PHONE was deleted.Therefore, if you run the proc METALIB to refresh the table’s Metadata , the column mapping regarding columns with _ character like T_L_PHONE disappear and the corresponding mapping is also deleted (and columns with É character like TÉLÉPHONE will appear instead) !!

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Thus, when people change Oracle physical table structures (adding, updating and deleting tables, or columns) those changes are not reflected in your SAS Oracle libname, and this can generate warnings causing some SAS Data Integration Studio jobs to crash.