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We chat about what it's like managing life and work, how sex is different on and off set and talk about some of their past.It's a little talked about sex act that brings straight men much pleasure.Did you know that just like sleep eating or sleep walking, you can also initiate sex in your sleep?It can be pretty terrifying for those involved so we got sleep specialist Dr David Cunnington in to discuss how sexomnia happens and how you can prevent it from disturbing you and your partner/s.We're joined by Kathy Mc Namee from Family Planning Victoria and psychologist Gemma Cribb.Pornhub released its top 20 most searched terms of 2016, so we unpacked what they say about what we're into these days, and the difference between what we might want in a sexual fantasy versus reality. All these questions will be answered by Clinical Director of Relationships Australia NSW and counselling psychologist Elisabeth Shaw.

Australia has one of the highest prescription rates of antidepressants in the world.We look at what it might be like to find out your donor conceived, find your donor or even find the many half-brothers and sisters that might be out there.We're joined by gynaecologist and fertility specialist Dr Anne Poliness, psychologist Ian Trevellion and person of donor conception, Chloe Allworthy.Many people with depression face a catch 22 if they're medicated, as it can dramatically improve their lives in heaps of ways, but it can also really affect their relationships and sex lives.We speak to Dr Brad Mc Kay to talk about the effects of anti-depressant medications on our sex lives. After we received an email from a bisexual woman asking for help on what to do and what the risks are in terms of STIs, we decided to dive in and take a look at how to do a bit of lady lovin'.

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