Sex chat whitout a username

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Sex chat whitout a username

——————————- The reason I wrote this piece wasn’t to bash Kik or to tell you that it’s an unsafe app for your child or teen; whether you feel it’s safe enough is entirely up to you and the maturity level of your child.But just like with any app or website that isn’t specifically created for children (and thus COPPA compliant), the safety and privacy risks tend to be more prevalent.As you can imagine, doing this opens the door to unwanted solicitations from Internet trolls, “pervs” and cyberbullies.

Of course, the latter is a much safer approach to connecting with people on Kik since these people are already known to the user in some form or another.

Instead of using phone numbers, each Kik member has a username.

This username can be accompanied by a profile photo, if the user wishes, but ultimately this is Kik’s way of creating a sense of privacy among their users.

Parents are concerned about sexting – and rightfully so.

But as a result of that concern, I believe there’s also a heightened sense of awareness among parents.

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