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Along with Program Assistant Director Mandy Vecero, I work to ensure victims and witnesses are informed of their rights, know the status of their cases (including court and sentencing dates and information), and have access to the prosecutor handling their case.

We also help victims collect restitution and file medical and Criminal Injuries Compensation claims.

Early collection of restitution is especially important so victims have the financial resources necessary to help them cope with their victimization.

While neither we nor the victim have control over the decisions of the prosecutor or courts, just having someone to explain and guide them through the judicial process can make a big difference.

I have also learned that it's not possible to meet every need of every victim, but it's still important they know there is a compassionate ear available.

We cannot be expected to have all the answers, so connections to our colleagues in the field are essential. The old adage is"leave your work at the office," but sometimes, that's impossible.

As providers to so many people who have had their worlds turned upside down, we have to be able to stop and to reflect on our lives or take a break from this difficult work to prevent burnout.

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Arizona is one of the great states in the Southwest.

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