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Sex gunrunner webcam

Characters from Tomb Raider are adapted from the Tomb Raider: Legend & Underworld games by Eidos interactive & Crystal dynamics. There were many magnificent boats on the waters, but one that outshone the rest, the KOGO Superyacht.The luxury yacht was 235 feet in length and could accommodate twelve guests in its five high class suites, and had indoor and outdoor living areas on the upper deck.The young man gulped again feeling the uncomfortable strain in his shorts. She looked past him at the African-American man walking toward them."Check it out Lara, I think its show time." Lara looked at the other yacht off port side.Zip smiled back, he knew that under that charm was a woman you didn't want to fuck with, Ms Croft's sophisticated demeanor belied the furious killer that lied within."Just be careful, he said, a hint of concern in his voice, "what is this thing you want from him anyways? One that opens the burial sight of Artaxerxes the ancient king of Assyria." *********** ************* **************** Fifteen minutes later Lara emerged out of the sea water next to the yacht the gang members and drug dealers were on.

All Geoffrey could do was swallow the lump in his throat, as his exquisitely beautiful employer flirted with him.

"His over there alright", Lara confirmed, "Emmanuelle Lopez." As his tattoos publicly declared, Lopez was part of a gang from LA, the Latino Santos, or Latin Saints, when translated.

According to Lara's source he was in Miami to meet up with Maurice Santa Carlo, a local drug cartel leader to get a shipment of cocaine.

That however, wasn't Lara's interests in him, what she wanted was what he wore around his neck attached to the gold chain to serve as a pendent.

"Latino Santos are dangerous guys Lara, and their many felonies include gang rape.

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As she removed the chain and put it around her own neck she heard shuffling from below deck. Entering the cabin below deck she was greeted by a man tied up with duct tape over his mouth. " he was looking at the sea plane the yacht was towing. I'll have the chef prepare us a meal." Lara walked off leaving Nathan by himself.