Sorority fraternity dating site

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Sorority fraternity dating site

Unlike most fraternity & sorority communities, all six fraternities and seven sororities are local.These groups were started at Trinity by Trinity students.National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) - a conference composed of 26 member women's fraternities.National Pan-Hellenic Conference (NPHC) - a conference of nine historically Black member men's and women's fraternities and the coordinating body of the historically Black Greek-letter organizations at SEMO.Formed from the rich history of each individual organization, the Greek Alumni Advisory Council (GAAC) was formed in 2009-2010 to promote, maintain, and sustain the well-being of the Greek community at Trinity University.GAAC works closely with the Trinity University Alumni Association (primarily through the National Alumni Board Fraternity and Sorority Committee) to foster a close-knit environment for all Greek members.

Greek Life offers unique opportunities for hands-on leadership experience.

The Greek community is self-governed with Greek Council serving as the governing body for all social fraternities and sororities.

There are several student-run sub-committees of Greek Council that oversee many aspects of Greek Life: Recruitment, New Member Orientation, Standards of Excellence, Judicial Committee, Service, and Campus-wide Programming.

Brother - a term used by fraternity members when referring to each other.

Chapter - refers to an individual fraternity or sorority. Function - a social gathering for two or more fraternities or sororities. Initiation - the traditional ritual that brings a new member to full membership.

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