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Sri Lanka’s adult literacy rate is 91.2 percent, which is well above rates in other countries in the region like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.Today, Sri Lanka boasts around 10,000 schools for over 4 million students.

Throughout the 1940s, under Minister of Education C. This eliminated the problem for families with limited financial means that would formerly have had to choose to send their sons to school as an educated son was commonly believed to bring the benefits of education back to his family and support his parents in old age.

Kannangara’s reforms thus fostered equal opportunity education and helped to reduce the gender gap in educational enrolment.

UNICEF data show that today enrolment rates in Sri Lankan primary schools are about the same for boys and girls and in secondary school there are even slightly more girls than boys.

(Thanks are due to Swarnvahini and Zonta, Sri lanka for inviting me along with Mala Thudawe, MD to the Ayubowan programme on Swarnavahni today for a brief discussion.

Sri Lanka has fared well in recent years by promoting health and education opportunities for women.

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Yet the country still fails to translate these achievements into female economic participation.

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