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Because, at least from what I've heard (cough, cough, columnist's eyes dart around fishily), the whole point of smoking pot is to disengage from, and tune out, everything and everyone around you.

Apparently, when you "get high," you float around on a fragrant, nirvanalicious cloud of "mellow vibes," soaring above about the "hassles" of everyday existence.

So cut out all that bullshit and just find someone who likes caning it too. I actually walked out of a date (after paying of course) and said to myself, that's it. However, Mitchem claims that it isn't just for dating.

"That cancer patient who needs friends and support, the guy who lands in Denver and does not know where people go to buy great products legally, they can also connect," he explained. is only available to our readers in the US, given that smoking weed is still kind of against the law here.

The question I am a successful fiftysomething woman, in love with a fellow who tokes high-powered cannabis morning, noon and night. Also, we have fun together, going on bike rides and such.

He's always high and suffers from memory loss and emotional irregularity. But the relationship is not moving forward, in fact it's like he functions in a reset button mode.

But frankly, I wouldn't get involved with a morning-noon-night type pot-smoker at all.

At some point, on some level, these "wake and bake" types have pretty much decided to check out.

Most people would talk them down as if they are better, though they often consume poisons such as alcohol and caffeine.

I've made a huge mistake Have you created any damage that needs controlling?

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With weed becoming legal in more and more US states, it's no surprise that people are looking to cash in on the blazing boom, from scientists working on a breathalyser test for weed to Bob Marley's family launching the first global marijuana brand. If you've ever had to quickly exit a promising relationship with a non-stoner, you'll get why this is necessary.

, a smartphone app that's basically Tinder for stoners.

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He'll wonder why you're being so "uptight," why you're "freaking out" on him, and why he can't have both you and his beloved bud, dude. Because if you give in, let him have both, it will end in tears and heartbreak, I can pretty much assure you.

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