Tf2 validating steam files

Posted by / 10-Jun-2016 11:45

Tf2 validating steam files

was stoping gfc from opening while it was running when i closed it it opened fine. hi nem firstly thanx for the program and i have a question for you(or other users if they know)i downloaded and ran your program. It maybe just because im a newb, but I cant seem to get the program to run, nomatter what i do.

i extracted the dod 1,3 into my hl directory.i entered the hl and clicked custom game.there was a dod bar.i clicked nothing happened. I installed the ms NET framework as supposed, but when i launch GCFScape, i get these errors: have posted on the official forums to, but nobody seems to have an answer for me.

I don't know, it doesn't make much sense, since the download just happened and should not have been corrupt.

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As to why the validation is happening automatically after updates download for these two games.

It instead goes to try validate the steam/tf2 cache, but once it reaches 100% it just does nothing and hangs.

Closing it out and trying to launch again just results in the validation screen coming back up.

My Steam wants to validate TF2 at least every other day for some reason, which takes a good 5 to 10 minutes.

Both were free and both download updates incessantly, so I uninstalled them.

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good luck this happened to me too a few weeks ago, i also reinstalled the game and updated the steamapps folder, but that didnt work.