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It may be good for her to learn it later but don't let her think it is an issue now. A Guide to A Few Don’ts We would like to credit much of the above to the writer Stephen Clearly who lives and works in Thailand.He does have a website, well worth a visit where you will find many facts about Thailand and some wonderful honest reading.She will feel others are watching her and may even feel her morals and status will be judged.She will want to commit to you but in doing so will want to be sure you are going to commit to her otherwise she may lose her status and respect from family and friends. Leave behind your thoughts of two consenting adults having sex.At this stage you need to be aware of the cultural respect and moral code expected in dating your new potential partner please read our “Dating Tab” in the home page prior to you arriving in Thailand and again we will advices you in discussion prior to meeting your chosen selections in respect of conduct and morals expected.Thailand is no different to any other country in having a capital city where you may find more liberal views of morals and living standards.

See our Tab “Car Hire “should you wish to explore with independence.That's a breakdown of western values and not one shared in Thailand with respectable ladies of families.Be gentle in your approach; smile a lot to make her feel at ease with you.She wants to be a Thai bride as much as you want a Thai wife but she will want to be sure you are honest and sincere too Remember you are in her land not yours.Thais are very proud of their country, cultures and language too. It will be you that does not speak Thai not her that does not speak English.

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Remember sex before marriage is normally unacceptable in a respectable society.