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Going to new and interesting places is one way to change it up.

I am not so sure about the water-park idea, *cough cough* (my wife can be a nut) but we have met people at some interesting places. We have also invited new/nervous couples along on vanilla outings with other swinger couples.

We had them asked to us from experienced swingers. I think it’s important to remember that the small talk of a swinger isn’t “Wow the weather is just fabulous this afternoon,” and other such statement of nothingness.

Swinger small talk consists of “So how long have you been in the lifestyle and who’s idea was it??

Your question wasn’t really about finding a good match, but you did mention it so I will add this.

If you have gone on half a dozen dates and not found a possible match you are doing something wrong.

I assume you found these couples acceptable visually or you wouldn’t have met in the first place so it stands to reason you should have found someone by now.

Since I don’t have any specific information I can’t really give any advice on why you are not getting past your dinners, but a few common ones are: 1) Misrepresentation in your profile. 2) Overly nervous and making the other couples feel awkward because of it. You are doubtful to find new soul mates on a single dinner date. I have seen many people start swinging and they try to dress to impress, but because of being off the market for many years they dress like fools instead.

How long have you been doing this, who thought of it first, we have been talking about it for umpteen years, etc.

It becomes an established relationship just like any other with the added benefit of sexual fun.

Those first time meeting however are not the time to be offering up the check.

Their stories of how they reached the point of contemplating non-monogamy are part of their journey.

They don’t need to know you have heard the same story with different dates and names 10 times. Your description of the “macho man” and his wife sitting in silent fear is pretty funny to me. My wife was the talkative, flirtatious, confident acting one while I had no idea what to say.

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They just want confirmation that you are listening and that what they are contemplating is a good choice for them. you need to step back and remember being in that moment of decision. On our very first dinner date with another couple I was pretty well behaved. Anyways, my advice is to follow your husbands advice, maybe seek a few venues to meet up at that you haven’t tried before, and to possibly take more control of the conversations themselves.