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(CNN) -- When John Carpenter decided to make a horror movie set at Halloween, he probably had some notion that it would goose up the story and provide a neat gimmick for the marketing guys. You couldn't say the same for the next dozen movies in the series.

Lately Hollywood has become fixated on the Christmas movie -- with more TV screenings, more sales and more rentals each and every year, it's the seasonal tie-in that just keeps on giving.

Jennifer Garner's infatuated schoolteacher also benefits from a developed romantic throughline (predictable as it may be), though she's also an actress capable of shading a formulaic scene with surprising emotional nuance. Indeed, one way of approaching this motley box of candies would be to play the role of Simon Cowell judging all the acting idols. So do Bradley Cooper and Julia Roberts, charming in a trifle about two passengers on a long-haul flight.

The winner in this lottery is Ashton Kutcher's florist, appropriately named Reed, who begins the movie proposing to Jessica Alba and whose business provides a linchpin for several subsidiary couples.

So it was only a matter of time before someone had the bright idea of pinning a film to the 14th of February.

Why should Hallmark and Teleflora get all the action?

Sizemore was arrested May 8 after police allegedly found two bags of the drug, as well as smoking pipes, in his car. Deryck Whibley, cooking and My Space — Avril Lavigne is way into the first two, she reveals in the June/July issue of Cosmo Girl! In the magazine, due on newsstands Tuesday, the singer talks about finding love with the Sum 41 frontman ("I first kissed Deryck when I was 17, and I have been kissing him ever since"); compares herself to Martha Stewart ("I'm really good at cooking. my favorite food is Italian"); and says she's "so not a computer person" — and isn't really down with "the whole My Space thing." "I'll change my pictures and sometimes I'll write a blog," she explained. The Arizona Republic reported that city officials in Glendale, Arizona, announced May 9 that portions of the show would be broadcast from a free viewing party with a celebrity host at Arena in Sparks' hometown. Rowling franchise will premiere in London on July 3 and in Los Angeles on July 8. Starting June 15, the hotel lobby will be shut down at 9 p.m., and at , Prince will play a two-hour set for a few hundred guests.

But Thursday, a city spokesperson said the show had canceled the segments from the contestants' hometowns. His private chef will take over the hotel restaurant at 2 a.m., turning it into an after-hours jazz club that will be entertained by His Purpleness until 4 a.m.

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