Trans dating net

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Trans dating net

Get better at reading through their answers to weed out the ubiquitous racism, transmisogyny, littering, and incompatible goals.

Talk about anything but how you’ll probably never meet up, and if you do, there won’t be a second date. Take heed that many of your fellow women have taken exactly one women’s and gender studies course in college, and “know all about being transgendered.” (sic) Be prepared to hear girls talk about how they’re “not really feminists, because they like to have fun.” Feel free to shake your head and pour a drink.

Ask a few close friends, “would you theoretically date me based on this profile?

Without them, you will end up posting a photo with kale in your teeth, or where there is clearly a dog using the restroom in the background. Attend events specifically targeted towards lesbians like you.

While you wait for responses, go find the queerest bar nearby. Don’t try to explain why Kathleen Hanna is problematic while dancing. Wonder, “why do so many of these girls have bow-ties on?

Have you retrieved your monocle from your champagne glass of male tears? We moved in together after only two months of dating. Such a feat as mine is incomprehensible to you lowly mortals, but I truly have accomplished this super-duperous mountain of a task. She did not choose to be trans, and therefore her suffering is thrust upon by no choice of her own.

I hope for your sake that it did, because it doesn’t stop there! AND WE HAVE ONLY FOUGHT LIKE FOUR TIMES BUT IT DOESN’T REALLY COUNT BECAUSE I WAS JUST IRRATIONALLY LASHING OUT AT HER BECAUSE OF OTHER STRESSORS SO I CHOOSE NOT TO COUNT IT! Let’s get back to what is actually important: me and my superiority over you and your insignificant bit part in the fight against oppression. Now some of you plebeians might wonder; since my trans girlfriend is the one who is a member of an oppressed minority, is the one who truly deserves the title of Best Feminist. I, on the other hand, chose this mountainous burden voluntarily, and I struggle with it every day without complaint.

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Wooo OOOOoooohoo0ooo OOOoooooooowwww WWWW THEREMIN NOISES Don’t worry about the snow-white colour your hair must have turned to from shock just now. Almost every waking moment of every day I have to deal with my beloved partner’s trans-ness trans-ing everything she trans-illy comes into trans-contact with.

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