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Transvestite dating powered by phpbb

Thanks Being trans and having BPD have nothing to do with eachother. Haven't been diagnosed as BPD yet (just started therapy this week), but I'm transgender as well - FTM.

I know plenty of trans people who aren't BPD, and more than plenty of BPDs who aren't trans. I've thought about the BPD's problems with sense of self/identity as a reason for why I might be transgender, but shrugged it off. I've never had trans thoughts, but all throughout my teens and into my early 20's I questioned my sexuality.

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Hello, I was diagnosed as having Borderline Personality Disorder last week, and I was talking to my psychologist about it and she said that it can make people have more than one 'identity'.

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Can anybody else relate to this or know if there is a link?

I'm not too sure on how to tell my psychologist about this, so any suggestions on how to tell would be great too!

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