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Turned off ntl box while updating

The company offers broadband internet services using the Euro DOCSIS 3.0 standard as well as a Vo IP-based telephone service using Packet Cable.

In addition, Virgin Media Ireland offers to business customers standard voice and internet services to more advanced services such as Ethernet LAN extensions, corporate voice services, and high-speed internet.

Basically, check:1) If your subscription allows the update right now (i.e., if it is not expired).2) Check you firewall settings and allow avast.setup to connect.

If you're not sure, just turn off your firewall (to be sure the update failure is not due to it)3) Check your proxy settings into avast!

On 10 June 2007 UPC announced its takeover of one of the remaining small Irish operators, Clane Cable Systems. During late September and early October 2007, Chorus and NTL included a leaflet with their bills explaining that a rebrand would occur on 21 October.

That did not happen, however, on 30 October 2007, the NTL Ireland and Chorus websites were merged into a single website, although the composite Chorus NTL logo is used on it rather than the UPC logo.

This would give it access to about 6,600 homes in west Dublin and Meath.

UPC had received the final approvals to acquire assets from broadband rival Broadworks, which was in liquidation.On UPC began a €3 million spend on rebranding, completing the change from Chorus: NTL to UPC Ireland.A high-profile media campaign – fronted by broadcaster Craig Doyle – was planned to run for 3 months.Morgan Stanley held the shareholding until Competition Authority approval was obtained.This occurred in December 2005 and UPC Ireland came into being on 12 December 2005.

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While regions formerly part of NTL has switched off its analogue MMDS, some ex-Chorus MMDS areas have yet to do so.

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