Tweet counter not updating Free local adult dating no subscription

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Tweet counter not updating

If you want to check tweet share counts for a site that doesn’t belong to you, you’ll have to switch to Google Chrome.

The Like/ 1 button counters specifically show the number of times the URL (the one you’ve configured to share) has been shared to those services.The count component of the Tweet button will be removed in the new design.The JSON response currently used by the Tweet button to display counts will no longer function.Since the new Tweet & Follow button topic was closed I didn't have the chance to clarify: When the new Tweet buttons go into effect, does that mean third party buttons/plugins will no longer be able to fetch the tweet counts for a url?If that is the case, this would be a serious bummer for a LOT of social sharing plugins.

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Definitely not going to be positive on the PR side. Shutting down counter for Tweet button will make a dramatic negative social proof to all sites that base their social strategy on Twitter.

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