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Unmoderated web cams

***this list is regularly updated, to ensure it stays current – latest update: 02/16/2016*** Adult Friend Finder’s cam-to-cam chatrooms: If you thought Adult Friend Finder was a pay site, you’d be right…

But here’s the thing (and possibly one of the web’s best kept secret!

In relation to the possibility of Webcam availability generating a demographic and sampling bias in the usability test, some providers opted for allowing both test usability testing methodologies; screen recording with participant audio only, or screen recording plus audio recording plus the Webcam view of the participants.

In relation to a potential bias factor, the increasing penetration of webcams has made this concern obsolete: The second concern, that the added input from observing facial expressions and the ethnographical context of the usability test participants was not worth the added cost and complexity had merit when integrated Webcam Screen Recording services started to be introduced a few years ago, as they were typically priced higher than simpler "screen audio" usability test video recording systems.

However, this pricing distinction has largely disappeared, and there is no longer any meaningful distinction in terms of cost or complexity between the two methodologies.

More importantly, a key advantage of Wecam availability is the increased quality and quality assurance of respondent sourcing that it implies.

Needless to say the women on the site are there for one reason, and one reason only…

Cams are optional, so you’ll have to spend a bit of time and effort talking to the girl/woman and flirting with her before convincing her to have cam sex with you, but you will also find plenty of willing victims if your game is strong. Chatroulette: Chatroulette was the original random video chat service, and it remains one of the main players in the field.

Tinychat: Tinychat has always had a good proportion of girls, but it used to be based around chatrooms, which made it hard to get girls to cam to cam privately.

However, it has recently introduced ‘Tinychat Next’, a random cam-to-cam service similar to Chatroulette, and it has made it easier to find cam sex on the site. Because it is relatively new, it seems to be free of all the spam omegle suffers from. However -like omegle and chatroulette- the site bans you for nudity, and its business model is to ask you to pay to get unbanned.

A key consideration when planning remote usability tests with participants in their homes or offices is whether to record only the screen and device interactions, or in addition the participant himself/herself, through their webcam or a similar video recording device.

For many years we have had the possibility of capturing the screen experience of remote usability participants, including their verbal "think aloud" commentary.

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