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Perl includes some libraries that we can use out-of-the-box to access our My SQL database.Generally we can accomplish what we want with just a couple of statements.We're going to get some practice using the mysql command-line interface.This will allow us to view our databases, modify the columns, add and view records, etc.We need to fix our hyperlink code, specifically the alert message being displayed when deleting a guest.Update is similar to our file-based version, except that we are now using an SQL update statement, based on the $id argument (GUEST_ID column).

We need to use this to set a hidden form value when editing a record.

Text database system is created to manage a text database system.

To use the program, you only include this text database system and manage your text database.

In this way, we can easily access the id, first name, last name as needed.

Most important change: No longer need first and last name being passed around, now we just need the database ID.

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This is what provides the id value to Update Guest: Discuss why this is needed so that "id" persists through two page views.