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Once connected to PC it will not do anything other than show Map Update Notice and touch will not respond. Hi, In that case you will have to send it to Garmin and they will charge you a flat rate to repair the unit for you. When i unplug from the USB it immediately turns itself off and when rebooting whjen not connected to USB it only goes as far as boot up before switching off (as if it's out of charge). Please follow the on screen prompts on the nüvi and when completed place your device in an area with a clear view of the sky until it acquires satellites. It is as if the touchscreen is not working but i know it is as sometimes when powered up it will let me press a few times before going to the map update notice.But when I click Express, the "Garmin Express" screen flashes momentarily then disappears.

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I uninstalled express and just tried using the updater but that does not offer map updates. Oh she'll be around later to get me out of my wheelchair and into bed.

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