Victoria dating fish

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Victoria dating fish

(It is quite widespread) Was it:1) a Victoria man trying to convince his woman to stay with him?

2) an obvious lack of men at various public social gatherings ? you have to admit this very real rumour is quite funny.

Island men are pretty laid back..a bit more square and more than likely out fixing their boat or building a canoe , so you have to go out looking for them MYTH #2 It rains all the time TRUTH ---- We get less than half the rain Vancouver does and our rainfall is actualy very similar to Edmonton Alberta where I moved from.

Victoria is a much different story than people expect.

This is unheard of pretty much in the province I moved from.It's # 2...especially if you are at any social gathering, be it a bar/club, that has dancing, there is usually always more women then men, unless it's New Year's or a Valentine's dance. The average age in Victoria is actually 42 - which is surprising because many people do believe that it is a nearly dead and newly wed type of city.So it seems, rumor has it You probably can find an abundance of men at, poker events, pool leagues, any sporting event play-off(Superbowl coming up), UFC night, and/ or their all out golfing or Not that there is anything wrong with that!!! I moved here 2 years ago from Edmonton Alberta and I can pretty much put to bed 3 myths of Victoria MYTH #1 there are more men than women and it is slim pickings for women TRUTH --- While I cannot quote a census , I can tell you that there are plenty of men here alive and kicking in my age group and up and down by 10 years.Lang=E&Geo1=CSD&Code1=5917034&Geo2=PR&Code2=59&Data=Count&Search Text=vic&Search Type=Begins&Search PR=59&B1=All&Custom=As an aside... I had no idea Victoria was so small, population-wise.Thanks Uomo - so if according to Stats Canada - the male to female ratio is roughly equal in Victoria then who started this goofy rumour?

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