When did harrison ford start dating calista flockhart kuwait new dating site

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When did harrison ford start dating calista flockhart

"What surprised me most was that I was still capable of establishing a long-lasting relationship, making a serious commitment.When it comes to the 22-year age difference between Harrison Ford and his wife, Calista Flockhart, neither have ever batted an eye over it. “It’s like, we met and, by the way, there’s a big age difference.And the truth is, I sometimes feel very much older than Harrison.” Harrison and Calista in 2002.(Photo Credit: Getty Images) Their son, , 14, helps them stay young at heart. RELATED: See Harrison Ford, Calista Flockhart and 13 More Celebrity Couples with Large Age Gaps To read the full story on Calista and Harrison, pick up the new issue of Closer Weekly, on newsstands now!Despite their vast age difference, Ford has high hopes for his future with Flockhart.

His was the first student voice broadcast on his high school's new radio station, WMTH, Ford traveled to Los Angeles to apply for a job in radio voice-overs.Casting director and fledgling producer Fred Roos championed the young Ford, and secured him an audition with George Lucas for the role of Bob Falfa, which Ford went on to play in American Graffiti (1973).Ford's relationship with Lucas would profoundly affect his career later on.There is little record of his non-speaking roles (or "extra" work) in film.Ford was at the bottom of the hiring list, having offended producer Jerry Tokovsky after he played a bellboy in the feature.

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He was told by Tokovsky that when actor Tony Curtis delivered a bag of groceries, he did it like a movie star; Ford felt his job was to act like a bellboy.

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