White supremacy dating website

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White supremacy dating website

So imagine my shock when I clicked on the link and found my blog discussed in vile terms online.

They called me, along with every other white woman choosing to marry a Chinese man, a “traitor” and “trash”.

For certain people, navigating the dating minefield can prove to be a real dilemma, but it’s getting easier, even for guys taking selfies in front of the Confederate flag holding shotguns… Atlasphere founder Joshua Zader, 40, of Phoenix, says niche sites are more efficient than broader sites such as OKCupid or There, he found his dream date: a woman who also wanted to do logical cost-benefit analyses of every decision. There’s a dating service for practically everyone now, even the most repellent people on the planet, like libertarians and the lowest of the low, Mr. Despite the fact that the name of the website makes a point of mentioning race, the former used-car salesman insists his site is “not racially motivated in any way.” To prove it, all one needs to do is visit the About Us page.

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You decide to meet him and he probably comes off as pretty intelligent and knows a lot about current events from reading the New York Times religiously; but after that second coffee date, you may find that “similar interests” include, and may be limited to, being white, not-Jewish, and male.

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