Who is camilla belle dating 2016

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Who is camilla belle dating 2016

Unfortunately, things cooled off pretty quickly between the two, as they were reported broken up by February and the blonde is now dating Vine star Matthew Espinosa 2.

Juliana Herz — A few months later, Joe was seen strolling the streets of Los Angeles with Costa Rican beauty, Juliana Herz.

Rumors continued to swirl after the model was later seen at a NYFW party where DNCE was performing, but like any typical summer fling, their romance was short lived. Eileen Kelly — The couple that exercises together, stays together….

or, so we hoped when Joe was spotted biking through NYC with this Instagram model at the beginning of summer.

The brunette and the 20-year-old spent the day together cycling the city, stopping off to enter the occasional artsy building.

Sadly, Jonas and Eileen weren’t a match made in heaven, because they haven’t been seen together since. Ava Knight — It was no secret that Joe has been spending a lot of time with Ava Knight, a professional boxer and his on-tour trainer.

No one thought much of the relationship at first, but then the DNCE frontman posted a video on Snapchat of the two working out together with the caption, “couple goals.” Immediately, fans took to Twitter to question if Joe was just yanking their chain or if there really was something romantic happening between the fit AF pair.

Sources on the scene said they were very lovey dovey, and seemed...

Read Full Story Tim Tebow isn't a fan of talking about his personal life, but apparently there's been a big development.

The NFL star is reportedly dating actress Camilla Belle!

The actress has been seen out with the NFL star on a few occasions recently and sources say the two are an item. Stil, the pair was spotted out in Jacksonville, Florida Tuesday night at a party at a place called Latitude 30, reports TMZ.

They reportedly bowled together and flirted up a storm.

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But in the end, it’s really all about the company you keep.