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Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander won the hearts of many, including rapper Flavor Flav on the first season of Flavor of Love.VH1 caught up with the reality star about her real feelings for Flav, her failed friendship with Pumkin, and continuing her reality TV career with her sisters on her new series It Takes A Sister.I don’t know if that is hard for her or easy as pie but it seems easy. My family has always been the meat and potatoes of my life and I have always taken care of them and I knew I had to do one more thing just to get them out from underneath my wings.Have you kept in contact with any other of the women from the show? Well, when I did I Love Money, me and Pumpkin had been close all way up until then but money changes people and I’ve seen true personalities. I will always be there for them but for as long as I can remember I was taking care of them, so I was like hold on let me try to give you guys something that you can help yourselves with so that you can move on, so that I can really start to live my life. I’d be coming back home every day to craziness and I’m like, dude, cameras need to be here, like they have too they gotta see this and that’s just what I did.follows Nikki and her four sisters, eight nieces and nephews, and an assistant all living under the same roof in Knoxville, Tennessee… Plus it doesn't help that Nikki was actually engaged to Shaquille O'Neal not too long ago, so their breakup is still fresh on her mind!

Was it challenging doing a show that focused on the dynamic of family and personal life?[Laughs] Did you realize when you were taping that you were making TV history?That some of these moments would go down in reality TV history?I will say [the producers] were so good at keeping so many things from you.I think that they were geniuses on capturing the reality of the situation and I think that has changed because now so many people are involved in what’s going on [on reality shows] and, do things because they’re like, “this is what [the show] needs” versus putting people together and just letting them react.

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is living under the same roof with her four sisters for the first time since childhood.

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