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So you look at Tom [Brady] having a chance to win his fifth, you gotta root for him,” Michael said. Hopefully it’s a good game.” Pictured: Michael and his wife Nicole attend the Giving Back Fund’s with David Schwimmer, Josh Brolin, Common, and Rob Riggle held at Holthouse Estate on Saturday (February 4) in Houston, Texas. He added, “I’m keeping it more political and rooting for both sides.

A source tells Us that Brolin and Boyd, his assistant of nearly two years, first began dating back in March of last year.

Given that they remained married for another eight years after the incident, it does not seem likely that anything serious actually transpired at the time.

But Josh was certainly no angel and had several run-ins with the law in the following years.

Diane did not press charges against Josh and it was later declared to be an embarrassing misunderstanding.

Josh said on record that he had essentially been a jerk to her and Diane wouldn’t put up with it. Unfortunately the police had no choice but to arrest Josh when they arrived as it was required procedure.

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It seems to have caused him enough trouble and one wonders, if it may not have contributed to the end of his marriage as well.