Who is marshall mathers dating now

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Who is marshall mathers dating now

Eminem’s love for his daughter has been prevalent on a number of the artist’s songs, as has the stress from the custody battle with her mother, Kimberly Anne Scott.It’s even more interesting considering that Hailie Jade Mathers has been somewhat of a mystery to the world for a long time; fans wanted to know more about the inspiration behind so much of their favorite musical artist’s work.Now 20 years old, fans and the media went a long time without knowing much about Hailie Jade Mathers, aside from her parentage and the depth of her father’s love for her.There have been many fake social media accounts that have surfaced, claiming to be Hailie information.The honorable mention in the newsletter revealed that Hailie would move on to Michigan State University and her career plans included entrepreneurship or psychology.She was also named Homecoming Queen at her high school, an event that Eminem was present for, but he hid in the back so the attention would remain where he wanted it: on the daughter he clearly loves so much.The two began their relationship in 1989, with Hailie being born on Christmas Day in 1995, six years after they first got together and four years before they would finally marry.But after they married, they divorced just two years later in 2001, following an incident at a nightclub.

Eminem has been scathingly critical of the way his mother raised him.The cause of my problems My life is garbage and I’m 'bout to take it out on you Poof, then I’m gone I flee the scene like it was my last ride You see right through, oh, you had me pegged the first time You can’t see the truth but it’s easier to justify what’s bad is good And I hate to be the bad guy, I just hate to be the bad guy I’ve been driving around your side of this town Like 9 frickin' hours and 45 minutes now Finally I found your new address, park in your drive Feel like I been waiting on this moment all of my life And it’s now arrived, and my mouth is full of saliva My knife is out and I’m ducking on the side of your house See, it’s sad it came to this point Such a disappointment I had to make this appointment to come and see ya But ain’t here for ya empathy, I don’t need your apology Or your friendship of sympathy, it’s revenge that I seek So I sneak vengefully and treat your bedroom window Like I reach my full potential, I peaked Continue to peep, still bent low Keep tapping the glass lightly then start to crescendo Sneak all the way 'round to the back porch Man, door handles unlocked, shouldn’t be that easy to do this You don’t plan for intruders before hand? This should be fun Last album now cause after this you’ll be officially done Eminem killed by M&M Matthew Mitchell, b*tch, I even have your initials I initially was gonna bury you next to my brother, but f*ck it Since you love you’re city so much I figured, what the f*ck the best place you could be buried alive is right here Two more exits, town is quite near I hope we don’t get stopped, no license I fear That sirens I hear?Guess 90 on the freeway wasn’t the brightest idea As cops appear in my driver side mirror (Oh, God, Police! ) Hope foxtrot gets an aerial shot of your burial plot, at least New plan Stan Slim, chauvinist pig drove in this big, lincoln town car Well gotta go, almost at the bridge, haha big bro it’s for you Slim, this is for him and Frank Ocean, oh hope you can swim good! I also represent anyone on the receiving end of those jokes you offend I’m the nightmare you fell asleep in and woke up still in I’m your karma closing in with each stroke of a pen Perfect time to have some remorse to show for your sin No, it’s hopeless, I’m the denial that you’re hopelessly in When they say all of this is approaching its end But you refuse to believe that it’s over, here we go all over again Backs to the wall, I’m stacking up all them odds Toilets clogged, Yeah 'cause I’m talking a lot of shit but I’m backing it all up But in my head there’s a voice in the back and it hollas After the track is demolished I am your lack of a conscience I’m the ringing in your ears I’m the polyps on the back of your tonsils Eating your vocal chords after your concerts I’m your time that’s almost up that you haven’t acknowledged Grab for some water but I’m that pill that’s too jagged to swallow I’m the bullies you hate, that you became With every faggot you slaughtered Coming back on you every woman you insult That, with the double-standards you have when it comes to your daughters I represent everything, you take for granted 'Cause Marshall Mathers the rapper’s persona’s half a facade And Matthew and Stan’s just symbolic Of you not knowing what you had until it’s gone 'Cause after all the glitz and the glam No more fans that are calling your name, cameras are off Sad, but it happens to all of them I’m the hindsight to say, «I told you so!Hailie Jade Mathers’ influence on her dad’s music is clear to anyone who is a fan of Eminem’s extensive work.The girl has been mentioned in and/or was the topic of at least 22 of Eminem’s 22 songs, including “My Darling,” “Beautiful,” “My Dad’s Gone Crazy,” “Infinite,” and, of course, “Hailie’s Song.” She also appeared in the music video for “Mockingbird.” After her birth and well before becoming famous, her dad spent six months working 60 hours a week doing minimum-wage jobs to ensure she was properly cared for.

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Through his song lyrics, he has publicly accused her of being addicted to prescription drugs as well as subjecting him to emotional and physical abuse.

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