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The couple met in London while he was studying at the LSE and they moved to Nigeria shortly after getting married.

“I was more fascinated by the audience than by anything that was going on on the stage. Somewhat to her surprise, she found that while the singing made her nervous, she enjoyed writing songs. But I was determined to try my best, and I decided that if I was going to sing, I would sing the way I speak, because it’s important to be yourself.” Sade served a long apprenticeship on the road with Pride.

According to Andrew Hale: “The big question for all of us at the beginning was, did we still want to do this, and could we still get along as friends?

” The answer soon came back as a passionate affirmative.

Obstinately loyal to her friends in the group, Sade refused to depart.

18 months later she relented and signed to Epic records – on condition that she took with her the three band mates who still comprise the entity known as Sade: saxophonist Stuart Matthewman, keyboard player Andrew Hale, and bassist Paul Spencer Denman. And I wasn’t trying to promote an image.” At the time of the first album, Diamond Life, in 1984, Sade’s actual life was anything but diamond-like.

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“I never want to repeat myself,” Sade herself says.

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