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Sappho's poetry was lyric poetry, and she is best known for her poems about love.Most of Sappho's poetry is now lost, and survives only in fragmentary form.

However, this is not certain – ancient sources tell us that Aristarchus' edition of Alcaeus replaced the edition by Aristophanes, but are silent on whether Sappho's work, too, went through multiple editions.

This is regarded as unhistorical by modern scholars, perhaps invented by the comic poets or originating from a misreading of a first-person reference in a non-biographical poem.

However, these ancient authors do not appear to have believed that Sappho did, in fact, have sexual relationships with other women, and as late as the tenth century the Suda records that Sappho was "slanderously accused" of having sexual relationships with her "female pupils".

The papyri found there included many previously unknown fragments of Sappho.

According to Aelian, the Athenian lawmaker and poet Solon asked to be taught a song by Sappho, "so that I may learn it and then die".

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Today, Sappho's poetry is still considered extraordinary, and her works have continued to influence other writers up until the modern day.