Xbox live not updating payment option

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Xbox live not updating payment option

If you do not have a Microsoft account, you'll have the option to create one when you make an order. At Microsoft, we take your privacy seriously, for more details about how Microsoft protects your privacy, please see our Microsoft Online Privacy Statement.

You can have multiple Microsoft Store accounts if you sign in with different Microsoft account credentials, but information is not shared across accounts.

Also, if your account is currently suspended you won’t be able to make changes to your region.

Lastly, any balance due on your Xbox subscription will prevent you from changing your region.

Then, when you are making a purchase, just select the payment option you want to use for a particular order.

For security, only the last four digits of the credit card are displayed.) number is not stored with your credit card. If you add a new billing address when you add payment information, that address is stored with the rest of your addresses.

You can easily view details of your past orders on the Order history page.This means that if you’re in the UK, you can only make purchases on a UK version of the website.In most cases, you should be able to switch to appropriate version simply by choosing the Some users might try to purchase something from a website that isn’t designed for their region in order to get better offers, but that will cause this error to appear.To avoid this error in the future, be sure to use the version of the website designed only for your region or country.Solution 4 – Wait for a couple of minutes According to users, error can appear if you try to buy something right away after purchasing another item.

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If that happens, all that you have to do is to wait for 5 to 10 minutes and try to purchase the same item again.

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