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Young beautiful kenya girls 2017

“Let me be sad my whole life if that’s what it takes for me to realize a good life,” she says.

Everybody hates work “I dream of vacations abroad at exotic places, driving beautiful cars, and living in a state of the art mansion.

“He is old enough to be her great grandfather.” However, Omondi posed and looked at it analytically and saw a business deal! In the old days, chemistry between lovers was necessary and genuine.

“I believe my mistake was going for the most beautiful. Blame capitalism, says Mary Muthoni, a sales lady with a top engineering company in Nairobi.

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More than ever, most Kenyan women are determined to bag a relationship partner who can improve their financial status.

Itch for ready-made hubbies This is not so unorthodox, claims Wandia Maina, a Nairobi based psychologist.

She says it’s obvious for women to get attracted to men with resources.

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Muthoni wonders why a girl would want to subject herself to a life of misery, struggling to make ends meet.